Back Online!

We are pleased to say that we are back online!

Our server host was doing some unscheduled maintenance on their servers, ours happened to be included.
[size=8pt]~PCB Staff

Literally had just made an announcement saying to hang tight. xD

Thanks, John.

I am still not able to get on the server

Its working now

Is it down again? Client is reporting “Can’t connect to server” and “java.ConnectException: Connection refused:”

its dead again

I’ve noticed the server map has been down. Is that on the to-do list?

why I cant log in to the sserver .is it down for maintences again?

dw its been offline for a while now so just come back later

What happened?

[size=12px]what happened to the server will it come back?

Guys this is fom the 24th of may, this isn’t about the latest server problems. Post them here:;topicseen#new

Might be best to lock this, but thats up to you.