Back Online

Our website is back (nearly all of it).
The other day some kid tried to DDOS our website. Our old hosts, being the nice hosts they are decided to terminate our server for some strange reason. We have moved to a much nicer host now, paid a lot more money for DDOS protection and we are up and running again!We have lost 2 weeks of forum data, and image attachments uploaded. We hope to try and get the missing data back off our old hosts (fingers crossed). It will take us some time to reconfigure all the other Minecraft servers to connect to this new website so at the moment there will be no rank syncing.Please let us know of any bugs/things that have broken that you notice.


Dang… have ya’ll heard of Abeocraft? This sounds very similar. They had their old owner DDOS attack their site last year.

Thank you spec and fellow admins for everything! No one can deny PCB any more!

Well… Typically hosts have a 1 week backup from what I have seen. Whether or not they terminated the server, the backup of the site should still be on there.

Also - this means any server’s that were being hosted off the website’s box(if there were currently any) are now gone aswell. Correct?

John, from what I hear, each server instance from our old host had a unique IP address. All they would need to do to stop a DDoS from reaching them is to remove that IP as a valid one. I don’t really know what they had set up, but it seems they were doing it in a way to protect their own assets.

Lets see if it lets me post, eh? I can’t log in or out.

Why do people have to ruin such good things? But they underestimated us for which I am glad. ;D ;D ;D

If you need help anything site code wise i can help you there. I know some codes that this server may use.

You might have already thought this through but cloudflare provide quite a good anti DDOS and caching service. All you need to do is reroute your DNS through their servers. It is free providing you don’t need SSL. I’ve used it on a couple of sites and haven’t had any issues.

Anyway, glad the site is back up - I was a teeny bit worried when the site went down and when a server restart seemed to take longer than usual I was panicking a tiny bit…

Le Edit: Just realised, why on earth would somebody want to DDOS a small server using a relatively secure forum engine when they could DDOS someone else and wreak havoc? Or maybe whoever hacked us is a disgruntled banned person…

Is progress being made to fully fix the site? New ranks won’t sync causing new players to be stuck as a Guest, not being able to really do much.

Last I heard we are still trying to get our database files from our old host. If that cannot be done, Andy says it is possible to fix what we have from scratch, but it is a LOT more work.

We would lose a few semi-important things, but it’s not devastating.