Back from my Minecraft break

Everytime I get on the server it’s all new people, where did everyone go :frowning:

We’re all still here. Welcome back!

still on everyday

Still here, how was your spiritual journey into the unknown?

I went and played StarCraft II the entire time, lol.

lmao we are just getting new members everyday. betta get used to it. Ani’s comp is down and im on everyday.

Welcome Back Robin

RAWBEEN I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD … Welcome back :slight_smile: Now, FINISH THAT PLANE ;__;

I try to get on everyday, cuz i shufflen…every day…no? ok


Hi Robin my computers down been a few months

Sup, Robin!

I got over my ‘minecraft pessimism’ and will now be playing obsessively on PCBMC on a daily basis.