/back command is broken

Aight. So, I died in a cave after a passing a corner; a creeper blew up a second after I saw it. I died, and lost all of the things I had gathered in said cave: a lot of coal, iron and redstone, and some emeralds, diamonds, and lapis. I also lost my enchanted (dim) enchanted pickaxe (Eff IV For III). I used the /back command to return to my ‘corpse’ to gather my things. Instead of returning me to said cave, I was brought back to the spawn (lobby). After searching for 5+ minutes for my things, (after finding the cave mentioned above,) I finally gave up. So, um, yeah, I’m kinda pissed.

So, first; try to fix /back
Second; could somebody supply me with the items mentioned above? I lost about 5 stacks of coal, a stack of iron ingots, 2 stacks of iron ore, 16 diamonds, 2 stacks of redstone, a stack of lapis, and 32 emeralds.

Back doesn’t work in different worlds. You need to go to the world you died in first, then do /back.

I did. It brought me back to the lobby

I noticed the /back command does not take you back where you were before but where you last teleported.

I hate to sound mean, but that is kind of the dangers of mining. It really sucks to lose things like that, but it seems your death was a natural one.

The back command has always been a little wonky for me. A lot of the time it works, but other times it takes me to places I had not been in ages. You can’t rely on /back to get stuff you lost. Your best bet is to hurry to where you lost it. I believe you have /fly to help right?

You were brought back to the lobby, because you teleported away from the lobby and then used back (bringing you to where you last were… The lobby)

Correct. That’s its main purpose. I’m not sure how it works with deaths.

Also, what Kyle said.^

I found when I died by mob in survival I click respawn and I respawned back in the lobby then I straight away did /back and it took me to where i had died and this works for me each time I have done it.
It also seems to work the same if you fall and die.
However, I have noticed on rare occassions that sometimes it does take you to your last either tp/home point you did before dying.

/back on death is a Donor perk - not Trusted.

Ive had it before. Im certainly not donator (yet if i can find enough money that is)

Or am i the odd ball here?


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Aight. Last time I had permissions for /back, it was to your last death, so I probably figured it was the same here. Anyway, thx for the help! (Still need that chest issue resolved btw)