babsie10 - 5th of April, 2015


Minecraft Username babsie10

Date of Ban 5th of April, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by

Reason for Ban griefing

Reason to be Unbanned Firstly, I barely know what griefing is and what I did was an accident and I didn’t even know what I was doing. I didn’t know I had damaged something and I don’t know where this was but as it seems I have done I am so sorry for what has happened.Secondly, this wasn’t intentional. I am not someone who would do this on purpose but I was simply lost. I couldn’t get out of this city and there was no teleporter out. I would not ask someone as I would not want to talk to someone I didn’t know unless it was staff and from what I could see there was no staff on the server to direct me and me personally don’t like talking to unknown people online as I wouldn’t trust them unless they were a staff member. I must have done something while searching for the teleporter. I am sorry this has happened and i never meant to do this I was really new to the server. Anyone who I destroyed something of that they built I say sorry 1000 times as I know what it would be like to have your work destroyed but I never meant to grief because I promise you I do not go one servers just to destroy peoples beautiful creations like some people might do just to cause trouble. This was an accident! I promise you nothing like that will happen again and if I had the chance that I noticed what I did I would have rebuilt everything I had destroyed.
So I am really sorry about what happened and this was all an accident. I never meant to destroy some of this wonderful server but trust me this will never happen again and never on any server would this happen again. Trust me that this has never happened before and won’t happen again because this was all an unintentional accident.
sorry everyone. I am sincerely sorry to everyone I have caused harm to but I didn’t know I had done this.
Sorry again.

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6th of April, 2015

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Banned by @busterlef

Firstly, an accident is one or two blocks there were many.

Secondly, as I stated before the items would have been in your inventory.
Always replace what you break of someone’s if not it is counted as grief.

Thirdly, you need to communicate with people on a server whether they staff or not - we are all here to help new people and each other - no one would attack you or anything like that - our server is not pvp.

Also if you need to change areas do /spawn that gets you back to beginning area.
Keep your eye on the chat in case someone is speaking to you.

Read all the rules please

I will unban you tomorrow but any further grief you will be permanently banned.

You came back and griefed my town…a lot.

You will not be unbanned.