User: babanewyorkcity
Server: CMP/SMP
OP Who Banned: Whubilly10
Reason for Ban: Water Griefing
Reason to be Unbanned: Will be added by banned user soon.

I will wait for reason of unban.

honestly i think that the person who was banned should be making this post and not you Fer… just saying

i agree with ^ if that person doesnt have an account, well…someone should tell them. i think it should be a rule. “If you log on this server and plan to stay, make an account BEFORE you ever grief”

[size=small]Agreeing with others.

[size=1em]If this user cared that much about his account it would be HE/SHE making the ban appeal not you Fer. I’d radther see it coming from him on his account and not yours (if you guys are personal friends are something and you two are using Fer’s acc.)

[size=1em]Tell your friend to make a ban appeal on their account if they’re serious about the appeal, LOCKED