AZZA470 - 24th of May, 2013


Minecraft Username AZZA470

Date of Ban 24th of May, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Shadowmeire628

Reason for Ban We had a argue about he lagging the server.

Reason to be Unbanned I was stating my opinion on the case. I asked him politely to stop spawning monsters (in the grinder in old-survival) because the whole server was lagging. I know for sure that it was not me because I was running at 120fps. For example, the creepers didn’t blow until long period of time. This action caused me almost to die few times. I noticed him about the thing. He didn’t say anything. Then when I said that same thing second time, he kicked me with a message: “if you have a problem, come back when I am ready”. Well then I said to him that he can’t spawn that many mobs at same time because he is lagging the server… Then he said to me that “Don’t start bitching.” That was the thing I didn’t like hearing… I said that he can’t talk to people like that… Well the other two things he called me were baby and dumbass… Maybe there were some other names too… Can’t remember. Well then I said that I’ll ignore him and I’ll stop this stupid argue. Immediately after that, he muted me… And then he banned me from the DynMap too. \r\n\r\nWell, ten minutes ago when I came back to the server apparently he has banned me. There was no reason given, but I think it was this case. The thing why I wan’t back is that I really don’t think that arguing with someone is a reason to ban anyone. Many people have had those kind of arguments before. If this wasn’t the reason I was banned (which I think is not the case…) I want surely to know what it is then. I have always loved this server because the fact that the staff is that awesome it has been. This is just one case… But really, can a OP talk to people like that… I was talking real things this time. The lag was big. And I think many other people had it too.\r\n\r\nAs I said earlier I can understand the muting, but this ban is something I can’t understand… really… \r\n\r\nIf you deny this appeal, then fine… You have one great people less on the server… And I think there will be other people going away if harrasing players by staff is allowed… \r\n\r\nAnd, yes. I have done great job with the new people on the server… I have helped them… I’m running a town which is dedicated to new people. I am really active person on the server and I’ll be if I am not banned. I can be friends with any person and I forgive people easily. But I think someone needs to talk with Shadow about this case and the language he uses against other players, especially the non-staff. \r\n\r\nPlaying on this server has been a pleasure and I don’t want that this stupid argument will ruin it. I will forgive this case and we will start from a clear table. I will unignore shadow and I will pretend that this never happened.\r\n\r\nThanks, AZZA

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Shadowmeire said far in the beginning that he was going to fix the problem. ( I’m not sure about that myself because I didn’t read that ).

the problem was that the mobs popped out and he had to remove them all that is also why he died a lot.
That caused the lag.

after he said that once Azza kept asking for him to stop. Not twice but way more times
Azza thought he was still spawning mobs while he was actually removing them and died in the process a few times.

the combination of the problem + Azza talking to shadow to stop Continually made shadow angry.

shadow just had it and kicked Azza. ( Pop goes the Bottle ).

Then they started to fight verbally.
Shadow used the wrong words but azza didn’t do it good either ( I’m not saying he used the wrong words he just said wrong things ).

I know that what shadow did wasn’t that smart but what azza did was also not good because he continued to talk back while it was better to just stay calm and talk this over with a staff member later.

I tried my hardest to calm shadow down but it didn’t work (skype).

Shadow also said that players lately disrespect staff or they just now that staff is Higher then them.

I hope this summarizes every thing

My opinion: They both did wrong

(why is the reason for ban one Huge cluster of letters? I have trouble reading something like that)

Darn it! I hate to see situations like this. I really hope Shad has a better explanation than what is posted here so far.

edit: I see shad did write a report. Reading now.

According to Shad, you are already unbanned. You were not banned at first, just muted. He specifically warned you not to avoid the mute by going to the live server map. What did you do? You instantly went to it and continued to bother Shad while he was fixing the issue. The only way for us to /mute someone on the dynmap is to ipban them.

It was temporary (about 10 minutes) while he finished fixing the lag he caused while AFK. You were unbanned and unmuted but left right after. While I don’t agree with the language both used, it is clear that you gave him no choice but to ban. If a staff member has muted a player, that means they are to stop spamming chat. One way or another.

Let us know if your still somehow banned and we will fix it. The original lag was staff’s doing and we are sorry for that. Please don’t assume staff were causing lag on purpose.

This is why I hate ip bans. I tried/pardon, and it said he was un banned, when /unbanip would not. It may be that special will have to un ban the ip.

I agree absolutely with Yomi. We both did wrong and I want to heavily apologize my involvement for this. And yes… I was pissed of by this situation yesterday… And I didn’t use any harassing language against anyone… You got that part part wrong… But yes I was complaining about the lag… But I am still highlighting the way staff member talked to me… But as I said I am completely ready to forgive this whole thing and start on a new paper on the coloring book. And, yeah… I am still banned from the server… I think it is the IP-ban. If someone needs my feel free to msg me here… Or in skype: azza470

And, Shadow. I am highly apologizing this situation from you. I was really angry yesterday and I am still a little bit. But, I hope that you won’t talk to me like that ever again. Would it feel nice if I called you names, would it? I don’t want to fight about this genre anymore… I just want to play on this awesome server… With these great people and the thing I have always loved on this server is the fact that the staff is so kind and helpful.

Azza, ive talked to Special on Steam, if your ip is the same as what is used for your forum account, you should be unbanned now.

I think it’s the same IP. But I am not unbanned.

Have you tried coming on? When I try and unban you/your IP it doesn’t work so I assuming you are unbanned.

Yes I have tried. I am not banned anymore.