Ayay school is starting soon for meh T_T

Coming monday it is time to go to school it ginna be my first day at middle school
But still its school >:(

~friendly greetings 05ocram05

good luck in middle school youngster xD

Highschool is easier xD

I just started Highschool
Wrestling is a lot harder than I thought it would be

Ah ggg high school is so fun. Not. Be aware of grade 12s they like to make life miserable <3


I never had anyproblems with them yet, I guess it’s because I look older/I’m bigger so they don’t mess with me much, I’m buddies with a few juniors/softmores in my German class too

AH! Spreche sie Deutsch GGG? that was always a fun class for me!

Honestly, enjoy highschool. you WILL miss it when its done.

Why is that? Is it just fun and games compared to real life? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck in middle school. The only time you have fun in high school is as a junior or senior. As a junior, it depends if you take easy classes. :stuck_out_tongue: I am hating the first week of being a junior. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I will switch some of my advanced classes. XD

I think one of the nice things people miss about high school is the sense of direction you had. You KNEW exactly what you needed to do each day. Once you graduate, there are so many choices that it can cause you to do none of them. There is no right choice for what to do. It is a big uncertain world.

The same goes for your friends and people your age. Everyone spreads out and they lose a lot of the same interests. Some will have all the time in the world while others will be too busy for anything.

that about sums up my answer Sip.

Your first year will be shit, but it gets much better as the years go by.

I start 6th form tomorrow. Well, I say start, I have an assembly and get given a timetable then go home.
No lessons till Thursday, and I’m guessing I’ll have 2 or 3 free periods.

But having said that, the work i do have to do is a lot harder…

Welcome to 6th Form! xD I’m going into school in a few hours to enrol for this years subjects, then I start back fully on the 10th.

School started for me it was verry fun but its hard working im not much online now cuz im verry bussy with homework
If u miss me then read this at the weekend ill come online more!

~friendly greetings 05ocram05