Axelflorian - 25th of July, 2014


Minecraft Username Axelflorian

Date of Ban 25th of July, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I think Zak

Reason for Ban They say I’m picking fignts and stuff.

Reason to be Unbanned I am not irritating members or harsing them.
I am not insulting the staff ether i just think they hid a bit to many things that members.
I don’t see whats the problem with asking questions. Don’t take me wrong but sometimes the Staff are a little slow to help I also admit I’m a little impatient). I don’t insult staff, I don’t call them names.

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
30th of June, 2014

28th of June, 2014

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I would believe that you HAVE been picking fights, considering I have even had problems with you. You kept irritating me, and not to mention this is also your 3rd appeal. I know I ain’t staff, and maybe I shouldn’t be posting or whatever the crap, but I felt like I should say that he indeed does pick fights and irritates people.

EDIT: Yes you were banned by Zakrox96.

I want to hear others’ opinions on you, but here’s my input:

Axel, you are constantly looking to get someone angry or irritated. You gave me an enchantment table you KNEW was stolen, told me it was stolen, but refused to help me find where it was for the sake of banning the one who took it. When I found the area (Griefed library in Beachside) and banned, all you did was say “lol” when I banned them. That was irritating.

You also go on rants about how much you cannot trust our staff, saying that we “will steal your items because we are corrupt and abusing our powers” and saying that we should have no right to see into chests and inventories because this is “The US and you have a right to privacy”, which in itself, is false. I understand that you feel we have too much power over members, but we HAVE to, or we get idiots who take advantage of us.

And with picking fights, you are always finding a reason to disagree with someone. Whether it be “Skullcrusher”, “Alexzia”, etc. You are at someone’s throat just about 24/7, and it’s tiring to have to constantly ask for you to drop the conversations.

Before I banned you yesterday, I cleaned up grief at your house. All you said about it was (By the way, no thank you either. -_-) something along the lines of “Glad I could make this server more interesting” before logging out.

You say, rather often, how boring our server is, how much you hate or distrust our staff, etc. Quite frankly, I don’t understand that if you feel this way, why you want to return.

twas more like:
“I’m happy I managed to annoy you zak”

Yeah, sorry, was distracted at the moment with other stuff, couldn’t remember EXACTLY. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, other members saw the disrespect you gave before leaving, so it’s not like I’m stretching the truth.

You’ve also been harrassing/annoying lexi for quite some time.

I agree, all in all he was much trouble. This is his third ban I believe, don’t you think thats enough already from this kid?

If it was up to me I would not unban him. He has been banned before by me and did not understand that greifing is WRONG. He BROKE into my farm and did not even replant and he saw no issue with that at all. That is my input.

In my opinion, three strikes and your out. If we don’t need to put up with this then why do we choose to? I would say keep banned. However, this is not my decision.

Honestly, it seems unanimous. It was my choice, nobody else’s, but since everyone generally agrees that you are a trouble-maker on our server, I will just lock this now.

Banned, locked.