Awesome Deal on Steam! (it's over)

So I went onto Twitter, and I saw this being retweeted by Notch:!/CaptainBinky/status/142633940967100418

So I immediately got onto Steam, and saw that there were 7 MINUTES LEFT. So I bought it with 2 minutes to spare, and now I have 4 fresh Terraria gift codes.

:smiley: Awesome, I got terraria a while ago thanks to gba :smiley:

damnit… I’m at school… I want terraria qq

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU goddamnit, trevor and i were talking about terraria and how it looks so fucking cool =[

I already have one but thanks for telling us anyway, I was asleep on my couch taking a fucking long nap without knowing it.

I was 1 hour late. Damnit. And that was EXACTLY the game I wanted to get at discount, because I don’t want to waste 10 euros to charge the wallet with, while i still have some in it.

It’s 5 bucks in the uk :slight_smile: