Have a town and want a big fancy autofurnace, I can make one! One of those ones with hoppers and minecarts on it!

If u give me the supplies I can make one for around 200$, depends on how big it is, and an area to make it in.

I would need Hoppers (the amount u would need would be the amount of furnaces times 3) , furnaces (how many depends on how big the area is), redstone torches (around 2-3), powered rails, 2 regulars rails and a doublechest.

So yeah hit me up if u wish to have an autofurnace! :smiley:

I recommend everyone to purchase an autofurnace! They are amazing, it will smelt a bunch of stacks in around a minute or so! Time saver!

i know right! and they are great for peeps who smelt things that are used for towns and markets!

Because I invented and patened the invention back in the old map, I do require 20% of all profits.


I have a confession to make. I am actually Notch, and I came onto this server to check on my favorite minecraft community. As I invented minecraft, the hopper, the furnace, the chest and whatever you’re putting in it, I require 80% of profits, It’s only fair!

I already built my own in my town :stuck_out_tongue:

Im god so there fore i smite you all