Australian Federal Election - 2016

[size=18pt]The Australian Federal Election - 2016
[size=14pt]Note: watch the election results LIVE here:,131.314157

[size=18pt]Hello everyone,
for those who don’t know, today 2nd July 2016, is the day Australia votes for our next federal government. Yes, yes, i know, politics are boring to a lot of people, but this is important to me and many others.

[size=18pt]Why this election is important

[size=18pt]This election is going to be a major determining factor on the course that Australia as a nation takes over the next 3 years. The nation will decided if we want to develop progressively or conservatively. Some of the key issues at this election include:
- Universal Health Care
- Education
- Marriage Equality
- Internet (National Broadband Network)
- Environment

[size=18pt]How it works

[size=18pt]Australian go to a polling place on election day and are issues 2 ballot papers. 1 for the House of Representatives (HoR) and 1 for the Senate. On the HoR paper, we number boxes 1-7 based on our order of preference, and on the Senate paper, we can number 1-6 ‘above the line’ for political parties, or 1-12 below the line for individual candidates. Australia uses a preferential voting system which works as explained here:

[size=18pt]Previously these preferences were decided by the political parties, and you were only able to place 1 number of both ballot papers (Or number ever single box below the line on the senate paper, which has over 200 boxes).

[size=18pt]The Parties

[size=18pt]Australia has 2 major parties, Labor (ALP)(The ‘left’) and the Liberal National Coalition (LNP)(The ‘right’). There are also a number of minor parties and 1 ‘middle’ party, The Australian Greens (GRN).

[size=18pt]My Own Political Opinion

[size=18pt]Personally (and these are my own bias comments of course) I’m hoping for a Labor victory this election. The LNP are basically run by conservative dinosaurs, some of which have made comments which are down right disgusting, such as:

  • LNP Senator Eric Abetz who referred to a US Supreme Court Judge as a ‘Negro’ and
    claimed that there was a link between abortion and breast cancer.
  • LNP Senator Cory Bernadi, who asked if ‘legalising bestiality would be the next step
    after marriage equality’ and suggested that single mums raise ‘promiscuous’ girls.
  • LNP Sentaor George Brandis who said ‘People have the right to be bigots’ and said
    climate change is ‘nonsense’.
  • LNP MP Peter Dutton who said that refugees are illiterate & will take Australian jobs.

I cant fit much more cause this topic is so long, but here you can find out more about why the LNP are fucking useless:


I’d also like to point out that the LNP want to hold a plebescite on Marriage equality, estimated to cost $160 million dollars. This is a non-binding vote, and conservative MPs ahave already said they would not necessarily abide by the descision of the plebiscite. Australia is the only English speaking country in the world without marriage equality now, so if thats indicative of anything… well., you get the idea.

Fuck the LNP! Vote progressive, vote Labor, Greens, Australian Sex Party, Australian Progressives etc.

Thanks for listening xD

So, who won?

Nobody yet, the polling booths only opened 2 hours ago.

C’mon Shorten you can do this.

Frankly I’m not sure how Turnbull lasted this long. At some point, someone’s bound to have said “I don’t like you being PM I think it’s offensive” and he’d have apologised and stepped down.

(I’m not under the illusion that people are voting for their favourite local representative. It’s just what prime minister they want to see)

I really want to search “Australian Sex Party” up in Urban Dictionary.