Attack on Titan

It is an anime.
It is not for people who are easily scared or have a weak stomach.

Humanity has been driven into a corner by gigantic humanoids called Titans. Titans eat humanity, you see, and humanity doesn’t like being eaten. Fighting back does jack shit; Titans can even regenerate a blown off head within two minutes, and the only way to kill them is by hitting them in the weak spot on the back of the neck. Good luck with that.

So humanity now lives behind 50 meter high walls. Except shit hits the fan. Imagine giant humans running through streets and devouring people while smiling gleefully and carefree, the kind of face you really want to punch.
Except you can’t punch it because it eats you.

The anime is absolutely awesome, but also absolutely horrifying at the same time. I repeat; do not watch if you shit bricks while watching horror movies, you’ll probably get Architectural Diarreah and shit out cottages instead.

I don’t actually think I am exaggerating.

everyone in this community that watches anime has already seen it or checked it out.

started good turned boring after

Not true Yomi. Though it is true I have heard of it. When I went the the anime con near here, it was the first time I had heard of it. The thing is, it was everywhere. Cosplayers and art. Some huge thing, that I did not even hear mentioned on sites I visit.

Though one fan told me the manga was better for story. Maybe so?

Watched episode 1. My reaction is a combination of “Wow cool!” and “Dear God…”

And Yomi, its not good to generalize people’s actions. There are always exceptions. :stuck_out_tongue:

This, pretty much. On one hand it’s pretty cool, on the other hand where is my brain bleach.

I saw my physics partner watching this during class, every now and then i would glance over and i would just be like “WTF”


well all i need to say is… i love it, i can’t stop watching it

guize this isnt an anime community this is a minecraft community silly buggers :>

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maybe a suggestion of giving us a anime section? just something to talk about in spare time

i will say i LIKE AOT, but its not something (so far) that im like OMG AOT! NEW EPISODE! OMG WATCH ET!

I watch anime, and I hadn’t even heard of it until now :L

The manga is ongoing and I’ve read it but it sounds to be very similar to the anime as I found that it starts off good but gets quite boring as time passes… as if they just ran out of things to happen

Maybe, I haven’t really gotten that far yet.

EDIT: Read some of the manga. I noticed there is much less characterization in it, which is why I prefer the anime over it.