AstraKrag is here!!

Been on Minecraft for 3 years, Over time I have come to love and master the creation of immense modern living spaces! One of the examples of my creations is here and my former name was marcusyu at one point:

So I hope to see you guys soon!

Hey sweet build dude! My name is Jet, been here a long while. Just ask if you need anything!

Fantastic creation! Welcome to PCB :slight_smile:

Welcome! Nice Build! Saw you online earlier! Welcome to PCB man :smiley:

Hey, welcome to PCB! If you need anything or have questions, please feel free to ask our staff or trusted members! Have fun!

Welcome, welcome, and welcome i would be happy to see you around and look at your awesome buildings!

Amazing Mansion ;D This is what PCB is all about and welcome to the server!

I love it !!
Welcome to the community <3

Sick builds!
If you need anything at all feel free to ask!

Welcome welcome welcome! I’m Ferf. Let anyone know if you need anything!

Hey guys! After reading your amazing feedback about my first build I decided to release two more with my friends!

The first one is a modern home built on top of a mountain. It is meant to be a vision of the lavish side of mountain living!

In addition to this, when I started PCB, I gained inspiration from the amazing things this server has built, so I worked with my friend fish95, and we have built the monstrous, 62 MB city named VestOak in honor of PCB! We built in tons of hidden chests and rooms throughout the town. Every building and room is fully furnished, and there are even ruins on the town’s outskirts with mysteries for you to uncover!

Find it here!

There is also another project that I have been taking part in. It’s even bigger than VestOak City and has countless features! It’ll be coming out soon but for now my team and I are still constantly building… Well, Talk to you guys later, see you on PCB, and send some feedback on my next two builds!

Looks great!

Welcome to PCB :slight_smile: