Art Assignment

So we had to do stuff for our Art classes. We got to choose from 3 sentences, and had to draw inspiration from it and make things. The one I chose was ‘chemistry of the soul’. I decided to use my graphic tablet for it, partially because I am bad at painting and plain pencil doesn’t do it, and part because I felt I had to get off my bum and actually do something with it for once. The result has nothing to do with chemistry, and is basically a big experiment of me trying to figure out how GIMP works and getting pissed at the zoom function.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present thee:

Or what goes through the head of someone about to commit suicide. Besides the bullet

That’s… rather dark, but looks cool. :smiley:

Creepy, but the art is good. I really like the clothes the most.

…it is kinda scary xD But I have to say it’s a good job :3