Armor Stands GUI - Your Creativity

So… how have we taken advantage of this brand new plugin then?

This plugin has been great so far. It either creates abominations or works of art (No medium).

I also like the Baby Joe at the end #BlameJoe #ComicSans

The only thing that needs to happen is the numbers that show up in the message feed need to disappear.

What is it with you and Me & pen?

But yeah, this is really cool. Can’t wait to try it out.

A mysterious stranger told me to create some Octo & Penguina propaganda, so when creating all these people around Portland i slipped some propaganda into the city… :wink:

Im glad you guys like the plugin!

Can’t wait to use this and create the most disgusting population :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a few in cspawn now, here’s one I made earlier:

20 points if you can identify both people

Penguina and uh…

Do I get half credit?

The Best Female Operator (Penny <3) and creepy-ass Dordsor

I win.

Correction. Koalamama. Penny is also awesome too.

The Best Female Operator is a reference you wouldn’t understand.


Also, if you’re putting an armour stand in a public place:
Click the golden carrot to make it invulnerable, and click the hoe to lock the equipment so it can’t be stolen.