Armor Stand Tool

The armor stand plugin has now been swapped out for a better version.

Features include

[ul][li]a better GUI with more options[/li]
[li]no more chat spam (hooray)[/li][/ul]

To access the GUI tool, use the command /astools.
Note that this will clear your inventory and swap it for the GUI tools. To get your inventory back simply type the command again.

Again only Trusted (inc. Donators) and above have access to this tool in Creative and Big City. If no major issues arise then the tool will be rolled out further to Members.

Be sure to show us your armor stand creativity here:

Thanks for fixing that :smiley:

Thanks Andy, this one is much better! :smiley:

I should have just stuck with this one when I suggested it.

I kinda feel that the other one was a little bit better in terms of GUI, but the numbers in the chat thing was a bit annoying! The command thing is a bit annoying as well on the new one as you it’s not as simple as the other one. I like how the armour stands follow you around in this new one though!! XD

I’ve found a new way for Trusteds to get heads!
It uses this plugin

  1. Spawn Armorstand
  2. Click your GUI Multi Tool
  3. On the right hand side a steve head with the label (Give Player Head) click that
  4. A sign should pop up, type in the name you want
  5. After a few seconds the head will show on the left hand side, click it and drag it out
  6. Drop it on the floor
  7. /ast to get your inventory back and pick up the head ;D

EDIT: If this is going to be rolled out to Members, my best guess is that they would also be able to spawn the heads

If this is the case then there is no chance of this being added to survival, however i don’t feel it is needed there tbf.