Are YouTube videos banned?

Sorry for posting in General Discussion instead of this I forgot about this section, but anyways. I was told that it’s against the rules to make YT videos of the server, why would they be against the rules? I was even told by Metazelot (sorry if i butchered your name) that I can make YT videos, I would only need to inform everyone that I am recording.

You need everyone who’s online’s permission, but we mostly ask you not to, due to the people that usually find servers through YT just to grief.

Thanks for clarifying Zak. Should I remove the server IP from the previous videos i made of the server?

If they haven’t garnered the poor attention aforementioned, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Ok thanks Zak. ZAK FOR SOP!

I have no memory of answering this question 0_o

Judging by the amount of sleep we get I’m not surprised =p

Eh true. I have no idea how long ago the question was asked, so i may have just forgotten anyways.

Regardless, we (and everyone on) generally want to know if there is any sort of video recording going on. Ask a staff member for permission and keep at least one of us informed on whats going on. As Zak said, we don’t want grief magnets out there.

Ok, I’m done with this thread, you can lock it.