Minecraft Username: arcto__

Date of Ban: 08 02 2021

Banned by: _Gordo

Reason for Ban: Building without permission in Cavemaker’s town.

Reason to be Unbanned: I have’t built anything in Cave’s town. The only things I did there were helping Cave excavate a hill, and place down grass. Also when I was doing those things cave didn’t say a thing to me.

I hope you reconsider your decision,

Previous appeals: I have never been banned before.

Well, if you had just left it with excavating a hill without my permission, I would’ve not reported you. However, when I was gone for a day, I saw that you’ve changed things in my city, but in your ban appeal you said you only helped me excavate a hill and place down grass, therefore you’re keeping what you actually did a secret.

The reason I haven’t said anything to you when excavating the hill is due to my past of being very hostile towards people doing stuff I didn’t tell them to, so I tried being calmer this time. That didn’t mean however that I gave you the permission to change stuff in my city.

If you had told the truth in your ban appeal, I would’ve talked to staff about your ban, you didn’t, however.

Arcto, saying the only thing you did was destroy the hill in his town is a blatant lie. When I rolled back what you had made, the area around the playground changed, the vents on the roof disappeared, and more.

What you’ve done is not a major offense and since it’s your first ban I’m willing to be lenient here, but make sure you have permission if you are going to build in somebody else’s town from now on.