Architect's College Stream!

Hello fellow builders! I will be hosting an interactive online class for people to learn World Edit. The class will run on the 6th of July 2021. At 9pm GMT+8. Which is 8am Central Time.

Builders will be invited to a Discord channel where we will discuss the basics of world edit, along with more advanced techniques and build styles.
We will cover a variety of topics. Once the class has concluded, builders will be encouraged to ask questions where I will provide live advice. The group will be fairly informal and run for approximately 2 hours.
If you are interested, please respond below.


sounds tasty

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There’s no guarantee of me being there (because it will be 8 AM for me), but if I am around, I will join.

For additional timezones, this event will occur at:
6 AM Pacific Time
7 AM Mountain Time
9 AM Eastern Time
2 PM British Time
3 PM Central European Time
5 PM Gulf Standard Time


Looks like I either go to sleep early or die the next day :3 (it’ll be 6 am for me). I’ll try my best to make it. @Obeseman27