April Game Pick-ups

What games have you guys purchased for this month? Please no console wars or spoilers.

Persona 3 Portable for PSP (Not very far)
Dissidia 012 Duodecim for PSP (At end-game dungeon)
Portal 2 for PS3 (in turn a free copy for the PC) (Beaten both Single Player and Co-op)
Final Fantasy IV: Complete for PSP (Haven’t started yet)

I might purchase Dishwasher Samurai: Vampire Smile on XBLA sometime, if I scrounge up some extra cash.

I generally hold out until Steam sales - though I did pick up quite a few last month. This month I settled for Portal 2 and Trine/Shadowgrounds (Humble Bumble pack). Was almost tempted to purchase Borderlands while it was on special, but the region pricing put me off (they charge us double here in Australia >:()

I’m getting P2 ;D

Oh! Thanks for reminding me about the Humble Bundle. I bought that too.

Shadowgrounds: Survivor
Jack Claw

Always wanted to try Trine, but I just couldn’t care enough to buy it. One of those games that look good, but for me to play it, it has to be free. Granted, I bought the bundle but that’s mostly for charity and not about the games.

Got Portal 2 (360). Just beat the singleplayer, Probably the best Ive ever experienced.
Pre-Ordered Gears of War 3 so ill be playing the beta on monday.

Message me for my gamertag. :smiley:

Edit: Also might be getting Mortal Kombat. (360) (poor aussies)

damn it i need new consoles / computer… I wanna play portal 2! D:

But yeah, this month? ermm… minecraft was this month i think…? might have been last actually. eh.

Portal 2 :slight_smile:

I’m working on Dragon Age Origins, Phoenix Wright, and Dissidia 1. I’m behind quite a bit because of work and college. I keep swapping between the games and it seems to be taking me longer to finish them because of it.

I need portal for PC badly. Nek? You said you have a free copy for PC???

I should have mentioned I already redeemed it. I bought the PS3 version just for the PC version. Ironic, no? But it was like pre-ordering the PC version and getting a free 10 dollar gift card to Best Buy. Couldn’t pass it up.

A really good friend bought it for me :slight_smile:

I had the same idea. I tried out Trine and to be honest was quite disappointed. The gameplay was not only really repetitive but also lacking in variety (it is really just a mouse mashing game). An hour into the game and I still feel the same.