Apply for moderator by dasschris

dear staff,

know me for a long time as chrisjebuilds of course,
since a time ago im back on the server and seeing that your in shortage of moderators or staff
since there is no control of the bad behaving of some players i apply for mod to control this so it doesn’t get out of control please see(;topicseen#new mostly there is around 21:00 - 00:00 no staff so people with bad behavior goes on the loose.

info about me :

real name : christian regensburg
birthday : 10-02-1996 , 19 year
email : [email protected]
national : The Netherlands , Europe
joined at : 27-01-2013
todays rank :Trusted

who would vote for me as staff to become moderator :

Who would vote for me as trusted :

i hope i get applied to help you to control this people with bad behavior and also make it more fun for others who led under those people.

this was my apply and my name is Dasschris,
thank you for your time.

:-\ Please use the format shown here.

Use the official system. Locked.
Also, something that pisses me off: don’t list someone as recommending you when you haven’t even asked them