Is there an application I can fill out to be trusted?

I believe Trusted is somthing you earn once you have shown you are “TRUSTED”

really annoys me when people ask how and if they can get premoted (also sometimes they dont like ur answer so they ask somebody else)*not saying you are * But my personal opinion is that any rank apart from OP witch you have to fill a form out, should be earned without asking how/if u can.

SO basicly show us you nice, helpful and cheerful and that u can walk about doing what you do without us holding your hand and ofc do not GREIF.

(nice sig by the way)

Just stick around, be friendly, don’t cause any bad commotions, and you’ll be trusted in no time :wink:

Me? if so made it myelf. its only a Background from in game ie the lanscape then a creeper from google an my in game skin easy to do, i can make u one like that if u want just upload ur skin an ill make it an ofc ur mc name

Andy said it all, maybe add being helpful to gain respect with other players :slight_smile:

Wait I’m getting confused, do I sign up to be a member?

U get promoted once you have joined the PCB forums and have made a shout about it! If u already are a member then you shall just gain OP+'s trusts and You will get trusted soon :wink:


I already promoted you and granted you the additional 350 credits days ago.