Apple vs. Windows

Which computer is better?
Apple or Windows?
i prefer apple tho :3

For gaming: PC. But I still have a mac for creative work.

PC is best for gaming. Not saying that Mac isn’t good at gaming, but in my eyes, Mac is more professional and has a better use for Skype calling and doing paperwork. Not to mention the looks for mac are outstanding. I wish PC had something similar to looks for mac

Creative stuff such as music software - Mac.

Everything else such as gaming, and… well, everything else - PC.

PC is much more versatile as far as I’m aware, but I don’t use a Mac, so correct me if I’m wrong.

And a PC is probably cheaper :b

+1 <3

You can game on a mac, but not much. I used to play Civ 5 and MC on my mac, that was literally the only stuff that would run. I would hate to only have a mac, barely any games, just ask @DuckGyver who missed out on that Duck Tales game because it’s PC only.
totally not doing this just to get to 1000 posts quicker!

this explains everything

apple = for designers (heavy designers. not fun make a picture and gone)
Linux = for the programmers
Windows = for all other people

I would say that most programmers use OSX. It is kinda related to linux, but still has a nice flashy interface.

Don’t remind me… :frowning:

story of apple products; the new one is the same, only different

Mac = Designers, artists, some musicians
Linux = Coders, programmers, people who don’t want to pay for an OS
Windows = Gamers, other musicians, everyone else

There isn’t really a fair way to compare them against each other, because they’re just good for different things.

Even the higher price of macs. The amount of software you get included more than makes up for it - if you use it.

WINDOWS!!! #Microsoftforlife

idk why but my apple works better especially with gaming connection

apple is life!!

MAC All day Every Day xD :slight_smile:


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