Apple or android?

Apple or android?

Apple for me :wink:




Apple :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody got time for no Apple! So restricted! Never buying an Apple product again, they’re the worst. You can’t customize them, and they are SO TINY. With Android, you can do whatever you want and it’s cheaper. Android all the way!

Well I like apple for its simplicity and minimalism. They are so simple, none of their products come with manuals! Like i don’t have to from menu to menu just for a simple command. BTW I’m pretty sure theres a bigger iPhone coming soon :P. Im no apple/android fanboy, we all have different preferences. If you think its too simple then jailbreak the damn phone :stuck_out_tongue: and Most current (Real phones, not those budget ones. HTC One M8 etc.) androids cost about 200-ish witch is the price of most phones anyways, even iPhones. The 5C is 100 dollars on contract for crying out loud! (I Rock a 32GB 5S Space Grey and i am more than happy with what i have.)

(Hopefully i didn’t start a fanboy/argument debate)

Actually, a lot of androids are either $100 or $200 (On Contract). Sometimes even free (On Contract). And also, the iPhone 5S or whatever it’s called is $650 off contract and that 5C is $550 off contract, you can buy a Nexus 5 (Which is Android for those of you who don’t know) for only $330. There are many other androids that are priced like that. And if you don’t want Android complicated, just download a custom home screen, but most people in my family had an iPhone before Android came out and ALL of them say they like Android more than their old iPhones, they even thinks it’s easier. I am a major Android fan boy. Android is the BEST! (I have a White Frost Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB on Verizon and am very happy with my Phone!) 8)

I have never seen an off contract android for free/ etc. Obviously the iPhone (Or any phone in that case) can reach almost 1k off contract. Off contract phones are usually expensive, so i don’t really see much of a valid point in that perspective. I was basing My argument off of comparable phones with the iPhone like the Galaxy S4/5 or any other flagship phones, Not some budget phones that you can buy from walmart.

I meant ON contract androids are free. Off contract androids are still cheaper than iPhones off contract though. Off contract phones are good if you don’t want a contract that you’re stuck in for 2 years, or if you broke your phone and you do not have a waranty. Btw, a Nexus 5 is NOT, NO WAY IN HECK, a “Walmart budget phone”. It is straight up made from google (who makes Android if you didn’t know). Here’s a link to the Nexus 5.

Like i said, the iPhones competitors. Like iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S5, NOT iPhone 5S vs. Budget android Phone.
Hell there are even deals from several stores where you can get a 4S or a 5C for free! Im sure target once had a deal on that once! I believe apple still sells the 4S for free on contract. Again, budget phones that don’t compare to higher end ones like the S5/5S etc are obviously going to be way cheaper. I feel like if your are comparing a Mercedes to a Honda or something. Like Android has a huge variety of phones and you can’t really argue the price stand point when it comes to the lower end ones. ( Btw i didn’t call the Nexus a walmart budget phone. I was stating that of course some androids are really cheap because there are quite a handful of budget android phones.)

Actually, Nexus phones DO compare with the iPhone. The specifications are way better than the iPhone’s, and just as good as the ones on my Samsung Galaxy S4. These kind of phones are cheap ALL the time. The iPhone is going to be what, like 3 years old here in a few months? The kind of android phones that are cheap are maybe 1 year old, and sometimes they have deals at target and places for free on flagship phones. But like I said, you can get a Phone just as good as a Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 and BETTER than a iPhone 5S/5C for way cheaper. They’re not built like budget phones, they are FLAGSHIP phones.

(Btw, Mercedes-Benz to Honda is not a good example, since these budget phones are actually better than the iPhone in every way. And I would also take a Honda over a Mercedes probably anyways, I don’t like Mercedes-Benz. Honda’s are way more reliable. I would take an Audi over a Honda though, especially with the very good Audi Quattro System. :P)

Android 8) I do enjoy Apple’s mp3 players, but the phones are cray cray D:

Going with Apple due to its simplicity to use. On screen menus make everything accessible in one place. Plus I like how the look, they work great, and can be jail breaked if you want to customize it
more (new customization is coming with iOS8)

^^ Technically what i really feel in a nutshell

My opinion is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apple, however…. I hate the iPhone. Samsung(android) phones are like 5 years ahead of apple’s excuse for a phone.
I absolutely love my S4.

S. Korea had FaceTime in the early 2000’s when we(america) got it like a couple years ago.

I have a Mac Book Pro and it has never failed me or gotten a virus.
I even had an iPhone from 6th grade till 8th grade, but i gotta say… Apple needs to step up their phone game.

I’m basically an Apple chick though - minus the phones ^-^

I like Apple for the ease of use. That, and it was extremely easy for me to switch all my stuff from my iPod to my iPhone when I finally upgraded from my brick Nokia. They are overpriced though in my opinion.

I also personally like the size. I will never understand why people will get phones that you need a god damn bag to carry them around in. If it doesn’t fit comfortably in my pocket, I don’t want it.

Android are brilliant if you know what you’re doing with them, much more customisable. My Dad got one through his business a while back. Had it for 2 years and still couldn’t use it properly even with me trying to figure stuff out. So unnecessarily complicated for certain things although I think that has improved with more recent OS updates.

I thought I was decent with technology. Then I tried to help my grandparents with their Samsung Galaxy S3s. I couldn’t. Apple, for me anyway, is simple and elegant. And I don’t mind paying more for it as I can sync my computer and phone at all times, which is awesome for me.


Depends. For stupid people Apple (IMO), by stupid I mean average consumer. I recommend them to my friends all the time, for now. Except the Moto X because pure android is as easy as iOS IMO. Especially newer updates

Personally android. Why? Because I’m a power user. I don’t care about widgets but I do care about small tweaks to everything. A lot of it is built in, but root adds another level via xposed. I’ve had 5 or so Android phones and I think the Moto X is easily the best. Midrange specs-no more than my S3 really but runs like a charm and can live without rooting it. I mean it’s the first android phone I’ve recommended people to get because you don’t deal with shit from Samsung or other OEM software.

The whole price argument is fucking stupid IMO. Yes you can get android phones that are cheap but they are also going to be be shit 99% of the time if you don’t do your research.

Also fuck Samsung. The three Samsung phones I’ve had have all been a pain in my ass. And the two that my mom has are still a pain in my ass. Their shitty layer on top of android fucks it up. It is so godamn slow even with the fastest specs. Literally the day I got my S3 it was on a new ROM. That software was so bad. My mom’s supposedly powerful Note 3 runs so much slower than my Moto X, which is much weaker technically. So yea Samsung can suck me off. Fuck them.

Also I really am tempted to carry two phones. An iPhone and my Moto X (maybe an iPod touch now that I’m thinking). There are a few reasons, namely the camera (not so much for the iPod) and imessage.

Sorry about my vulgarities. And please excuse grammar.

If you can’t figure out AOSP Android 4.4.2 I will die a little on the inside.

I prefer Apple, but that’s only because of ease of use with what I already had. I’ll have to buy all my apps again if I switch to Android. Not funsies.