Apple March Event

So Apple has revealed some new things again:

  • iOS 9.3
  • iPhone SE (Pretty much an iPhone 5 with 6S specs)
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inches (Pretty much same as iPad Air 2 but better specs)
  • Apple Watch reduced in price

And that’s all!

Let’s hope the stock goes up, Apple owes me :-\ :wink: Around $20
How Devastating :frowning:

and no one gives a fuck apple are on a downwards spiral

But does apple blue screen? :slight_smile:

Yes. It’s actually worse than a BSOD imo because Apple doesn’t tell you what’s wrong, they just say “you need to restart.”

But has anyone ever got that screen IRL. xD

I dont think that’s a fair argument to make, I haven’t had a bluescreen for years, ever since service pack one came out for windows 7 it’s been smooth sailing.

Any time I’ve had a BSOD since i got windows 7 it was the fault of another programme running. Gmod, for example, went through a period with me where it BSOD’d after 2 or 3 hours playing.

I was just taking a stab at wooly for shit talking apple as a joke. Like, I hate it when people do that, for some reason there is this mentality that apple products are somehow inferior.

I manage an IT network for a living, and the amount of fucking problems windows causes me is phenomenal (Not to mention the shitty dell hardware it runs on). The macs that are in the environment are generally smooth sailing.

Can we settle the argument?

Apple products are much simpler.
Android products have more options.

Some people prefer simplicity, some prefer the larger choice Android can provide. Both are namebrand, and both work very well, it depends on the person behind the screen, and what they prefer.

I’ve gotten it twice lmao. But I’ve also downloaded a few sketchy applications here and there. I still like Mac more than PC nevertheless. And bluescreens aren’t that often either. Only on Windows 95 and other shit versions ::slight_smile:

When pigs fly. The Apple/Windows/Android/PC/Whatever argument is immortal.