anyone want me to make a team fortress 2 server

I just got tf2,and you guys don’t have a server,and I am more than welcome to make one

That would be fun, if i ever got it downloaded. If you want to make one i would be glad to download it and play on your server.

I would join, it’s been a while since I started up TF2. I love the game, but I have other loves too. Beware guys, I’m really good as sniper!

Totally! :smiley:

I would join, but be warned, im total crap as anything.

I would probably pop in, but it’d depend on the server location. Anything above 100 ping on an FPS is awfully tricky

As a reply to anybody saing they are good:
I rock as a noob. :stuck_out_tongue:
Beware of the noob.

Yeah, that too. :frowning:

I’m so in! :smiley: TF2 is awesome. The spy is a spy!

id want to join but my computer is making the TF2 graphics suck…