Anyone still playing browser-based MMORPGs?

I’ve stopped playing X360 and PC games for a while to indulge in some browser-based games.
Does anyone here still play them once in a while?

AQ Worlds
Drakensang Online

EA in a Nutshell (Similar applies to Activision, etc.)

Well, not sure if this counts, but I visit Kongregate fairly often. Lately, I got back into Enigmata Stellar War. It’s something like a turret defense game in space. The nice thing is, you can move anything you make at will even in combat. Low health? Move it away. Trying for the crazy rare ships. Got a few awesome ones already.

Does Uprising Empires count? Oh, and I loved that video. Had not seen it before.

I last played RuneScape in April last year, I spent so much money on it D:

i still play zOMG! on

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