Anyone seen a Lowe's?...

My screenshots are mostly all gone, I don’t know why. Maybe it was when I used some computer cleanup program and it was considered unnecessary files, but either way I wanna take new screenshots of all my old builds. Has this happened to anyone else? I am absolutely devastated that all my screenshots are gone because it feels like all my years of work is just vanished :<
I was looking for my Lowe’s/target/barnes & noble over the bridge in rural bigcity and it’s not there. I was looking for some gazebo things I built in /warp templates and that warp has nothing. I’ve found some of my builds of course, but yeah I am very lost because I haven’t been on the server in a year or something like that. If you see me online I need a little bit of help bc I’ve been gone from this game for a long time. I noticed some of my builds needed fixed that were moved to this new bigcity map I see u guys have. But I don’t have worldedit there. I actually didn’t know there was a new map at first and I just got back to work on my old build and then when I got back on today I couldn’t go back to it so I was confused! I guess the edits were not to the right world. Didn’t know that. Anyways yeah I am really hoping my lowes isnt gone idk why but I thought that was really realistic and a nice one of mine.

I think it may have been removed during our Big City > Monarch migration, but best to speak to Wairoa who may know if it was kept.