Anyone like reading books? Yes, they still exist.

I personally like reading - I have an Amazon Kindle and get a lot on there. I’ve begun compiling a list of probably the coolest ones I’ve ever read, books that I think others would be interested in. These are good for pretty much any age, give them a go!

Here’s the link.

I’m reading the Tales of Redwall series right now, sounds cildish but its great: Talking animals.

Omg, books still exist. :o :stuck_out_tongue: I am not much of a book guy but i guess i could take a look at one of those on your list.

welll i will never own a kindle. cause i actually do enjoy the look and feel of books.

books i would reccomend:

Into the Wild
I am Legend (which is really only about 150 pages)
The Cay
ALL JRR Tolkien’s Books.
Harry Turtledove’s “The Darkness Saga”

I am currently trying to finish Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

Managa ive Read:
TLOZ: Ocarina of Time Parts I+II
Majora’s Mask
Wolf’s Rain
Pandora Hearts

and tons more XD

Books eh? I tend to read more than most people, but I rarely venture to new authors. Basically, if I find a book I like, I read other works from that person.

-Anne McCaffrey (huge number of books 100+) Specifically the Pern Series and Talent Series.
-Douglas Adams (single massive wonder) The hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
-Naomi Novic (six historical fantasies so far) The Napoleonic wars with dragons. Follows a navy officer.
-E. E. Knight (The Age of Fire series)
-Christopher Paolini (Eragon)
-Anything from the Dragonlance Saga (More than 100 books from many authors). Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman are the original authors. Favorite - The Brothers Majere Trilogy. F-ing epic.

Yes, a slight obsession with Dragons since 4 of those authors use them. Surprisingly, Dragonlance has little to do with dragons. It’s basically like classic D&D or Dragon Age. 1 Dragon in the whole game.

Edit: I just notice the first letter from those author’s names could say “A DANCE”. Huh.

Ooo! Books! Me gusta!

I have read:
Harry potter and the (All 7) - Brilliant books, J.K Rowling goes into immense detail, even about characters that only feature in one or 2 chapters in the whole series.
Of Mice and Men - I agree with you Lemon, a very good book. Although honestly, I wouldn’t have read it if I wasn’t studying it.
Mister Monday
Grim Tuesday
Drowned Wednesday
Sir Thursday
Lady Friday - An epic trilogy from Garth Nix, I have only got to read the last 2 books (Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday)
The Spook’s Apprentice
The Spook’s Curse
The Spook’s Secret - The Wardstone Chronicles - A brilliant trilogy by Joseph Delaney. I still have to finish this one as well.
A Series of Unfortunate Events - You probably know about this one. Lemony Snicket is an awesome author. I have a few missing from this one but I hope to finish them soon.
Ganglands Brazil
Ganglands Russia - A series about gangs by Ross Kemp which is based from his experiences on his TV show.
Devil To Pay - Also by Ross Kemp, about Freelances in Afghanistan. Also based off his experiences for TV.
The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Life the Universe and Everything - Douglas Adam’s classic series. I still have to read So Long and Thanks for All the Fish and Mostly Harmless. Anyone who has actually read theese books will know that 42 is NOT the meaning of life, but the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything. Unfortunately, we don’t know the question.
The Famous 5 - I have read various titles of these by Edith Blyton.
Goosebumps - Not very scary looking back on them, but as a 9 year old the most frightening books I ever read. Various titles by R.L Stine.
11.22.63 - The book I am currently reading by Stephen King. It’s based around the assassination of JFK.

I have also read most of the Horrible Histories books.

Also I have read countless children’s books including all of Thomas the Tank Engine, all of Winnie the Pooh, and most of Roald Dahl’s books.

There you go, I’m not as sad as you all thought I was before.

A Series of Unfortunate Events. I have actually read most of the books for this one, and sadly, I regret it. Had I read them when I was much younger, it may have been fun, but now I can’t help but see the plot holes and other problems.

SO many of the adults in the work are pure retards. No, seriously, the bad guy’s disguise is stupidly fake, the adults ignore any evidence the kids bring up against the bad guy, and in the last book I read, everyone at the lumber mill was paid in gum (2 sticks a day). That was literally their only food and payment in that town. Really?

I like reading, but I have to make an effort to start a book. I enjoy it when I do get into a book though xD

Ok, favourites:
The Alex Rider series
Point Blanc
Skeleton Key
Eagle Strike
Ark Angel
Snakehead - Not read
Crocodile Tears - Not read
Scorpia Rising - Not read

Skullduggery Pleasant series:
Skullduggery Pleasant
Playing With Fire
The Faceless Ones
Dark Days

I quite like reading the Torchwood (british TV scifi drama thing, a spinoff from Doctor Who) books too. They’re new stories, not book versions of the TV series)

Harry Potter
I have read most, seen films for most too. I haven’t read the Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, or Goblet of Fire, or seen the latest film. The last 3 books were my definite favourites though. I like quite dark stories xD (and same with TV, 24 is fucking awesome although not what you would call dark.)

However, I read all of these quite a while ago, haven’t done much reading that recently really.
Might add more to this list if I think of any other personal favourites. I haven’t put everything I’ve read or I would be here for weeks xD

Rambling post this. I’m tired leave me alone.

Of Mice and Men - Same here, didn’t love it, but was okay. I think the fact that we had to read it so many times, and I hated English lessons last year due to my teacher kind of killed it. Don’t mess with Lenny though.

Oh my… you want me to list books I have read? Truthfully it is somewhere in the hundreds…

Some of my favorites include:
The Chronicles of the Black Company (10-book series by Glenn Cook)
The Instrumentalities of the Night (Glen Cook)
His Dark Materials (initiated by the Golden Compass)(Phillip Pullman)
The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)
Dirk Pitt novels by Clive Cussler (as well as his other series)
the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell (Napoleonic wars)
I’ve read a ginormous amount of military history books (1776, Platoon Leader, We were Soldiers)
There’s many others i can’t think of off the top of my head.
By the way Ouhai one of my friends is currently reading the same Garth Nix series you are. I think he’s on the Thursday or Friday book right now.
Of Mice and Men was cool.
Oh and an interesting book with rabbits: Watership Down. May sound odd, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Wow, so I’m not the only reader on here! :slight_smile:

Kyle, I know what you mean. I read that series a looong time ago, but now that I look back at it, it was kind of depressing…

What is this word you speak of “book”? I read Manga for it is way better! I have read some books. :stuck_out_tongue:
Series of Unfortunate Events
Call of Prophecy
The Warrior Heir
Arthas the Lich King

Honestly I have more manga than books xD

Same here Sacred, but I restricted my list to books cause of the topic choice. I know we read manga too, but I feel guilty calling them “books” that I have “read”. Some don’t have almost any reading.

My somewhat complete list of Manga.

i read the Children of Hurin Zesty. glad im not the only Tolkien Nerd around here. UNfinished Tales and the Silmarilion were also very good if you like LOTR

oo, another one I didn’t add was Dune. I didn’t get very far in it because I (stupidly) attempted reading it right before bed when I was tired. It is very confusing and almost stupidly in-depth. Don’t attempt to read it if you are easily confused or are tired. It’s a trilogy by Frank Herbert. It’s also what Avatar was loosely based on.

I haven’t yet. That’s another one to add to my list of books to get/read. I’ll make it here.

Superior Saturday
Lord Sunday
The Hunger Games Trilogy
The Spook’s Battle
The 5th Spook’s Book
The rest of A Series of Unfortunate Events
So Long And Thanks For All The Fish
Mostly Harmless
The Alex Rider books
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

For some reason I can’t read physical books so I have a kindle app on my Ipad.
The only books I’ve actually read are the hunger games and Harry Potter cause I can’t get off my lazy arse and try something new…

Torrents 3 books of the hunger games series to his Kindle.

naw jk… haha