Anyone els seeing this?

Just today i came on, and i saw those faces… I was looking for the forum post and i saw the Steve faces. I have tried refreshing the page, and reopening Google Chrome. I have also tried opening the website on Internet Explorer and Safari. I have restarted my computer and they’re still there. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! I am sorry i can not provide a picture, but i have dual screen monitors and it will only let me take a screenshot of both screens. Then it wont let me upload the file because it is too large. :-\

This is like the 6th time we’ve been told about this…

Seeing them too, the top 5 richest douche’s list is bugging out.

seeing it also atm

Yeah, it’s like. 8 now.

Though, it is strange that EVERYONE is seeing this now.

=.= yeah it is like the 6th time we’ve had a post about this. apparently people dont hit the “Posts since my last Visit” Button… either way, its just a minor bug, not on the websites side, as _andy already stated in the first thread about this, it is also in the Staff tab under Server Info…

either way, can we close this? We might as well be talking about personal UFO sightings for all the relevancy this thread has to everything, since there are already 5 threads about this.