Anybody else agree?

old post is old

I wonder why nobody ever comments on my posts… =/

well, if id seen this sooner, i woulda. But yeah, seems legit to me, i can definatly see where the guy is comming from.

I’m commenting on your post. comment.

Twas posted today Ani, I just saw it now. And yes, I think most would agree. I don’t watch TV because of this to some extent.

I just don’t watch TV because most of it now is shit. Basically it.

Liam, your telling me you don’t want to waste braincells on Pregnant and Dating or 16 and Pregnant? i hear that is primetime TV nowadays. i honestly wouldn’t know cause im to busy watching anime to give a eff about modern TV…

You didnt even give it an hour and you moaned about people not replying?

Anyways, I also don;t watch much TV because its mostly shit.