AntIsMonster1: 7/06/2011

Minecraft Username: AntIsMonster1
Approximate Date of Ban: 7/06/2011
OP Who Banned You: hard24get

Reason for Ban: i said that “this is gay”
Reason for Unban: it was my first time on the server and i had no idea that no bitching was a rule. i will not bitch ever again.

trust me, you will bitch, and after sometime you will be able to bitch. but seeing you were new to the server and saying flatout this is gay, that doesnt give us a good impression.

You don’t walk into someone’s house and say “This place is shit”. Same social convention and same principle.

i know i shouldn’t of done it. you’re right andy its the same principals, but i made a mistake and i really wanna play on ur server. it looks so cool.

come on guyss. i know when i first joined i made a few small mistakes. he understands if he messes up again he will be banned i recon he should be given another chance eh

I don’t think I understand. Why exactly was he banned?

nek, its because within the first ten orso minutes of being on the server he said some guy’s home was shit.

He was banned because he said a players home was shit? Uhh, I don’t even think that’s worth a kick…
And, no offence to the guy’s home, it probably was shit. :stuck_out_tongue: But thats not the point…

Honestly, this has to be the stupidest ban I’ve seen in a while.

In my opinion someone shouldn’t be banned for saying “this is gay”
Even though its wrong its not worth a ban

Indeed. Not exactly what you would call a ban-able offence. He should not have said it however, as gggeeee said, it gives a bad impression. Also, if you think the server ‘looks so cool’ why say ‘this is gay’ when you arrive? You can act the ‘big man’, or what some may call a ‘douchebag’ but when faced with consequences you shrink away, regretting your actions. Just don’t put yourself in the situation to begin with and it will make things much easier for you. I wouldn’t think about becoming trusted any time soon.

However, like I said, I believe they should be un-banned, if not done already.

Guess I missed the context then. The way it was written I had the misconception that he directed it at our server within moments of entering our server (which I still suppose would not warrant a ban).


just addin, he wasent calling anyones home gay. he was laggin in the water…

You guys may want to ease your finger away from the ban trigger next time. If he says “this is gay”, ask him what he’s referring to, don’t jump the gun and ban him.

I banned him because he logged in the server. and was referring to the server itself when he said this is gay. furthermore he basically said that the server is gay.

Do you know for a fact he was referring to the server? From what Andy said, he never mentioned the server. All he said was “this is gay” and Andy confused the context in which he said it.

Unless you can prove he meant the server, your words hold no merit.

(PS, your second sentence is redundant and you’re misusing the word ‘basically’. But that’s just me nitpicking.)