anthjmon10 - 8th of May, 2014


Minecraft Username anthjmon10

Date of Ban 8th of May, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by doesent say who

Reason for Ban it says "ban hammer has spoken"

Reason to be Unbanned I think when all the greifers came on someone banned my ip address or something?? idk why it says im banned? please help meeee

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
4th of January, 2014

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Wha? O.o I can try and unban you.

it is still saying “ban hammer has spoken”

I tried twice and nothing happened, I guess try to get a SOP to help. This has happened to me before.


The forums show you as donator. That should mean your unbanned in game. Are you IP banned? I did not see anything from the forums side saying this.

i might be ip banned or something because it doesent let me see the dynmap. pie and john were banning a lot of ip today, maybe mine happened to be the same as another?

now when I try the dyn map it says :


Problem accessing /. Reason:

Powered by Jetty://

Someone banned your IP from the server. I’ve removed it

edit: not sure when the server will let you back on. If it doesn’t let you back on instantly it’ll probably be fine after next reboot

Thankyou andy :smiley: