Another Spleef Arena?

Last survival map we had /warp spleef, which was a good spleef arena, with auto reset. I was just wondering if we could get another spleef arena in the new survival map.

I have a small Arena where I played with some peeps (you included Callum :wink: but that one isnt really official pr anything. So if we could get an official place and some Command Block magic for it, and a big Team Spleef Arena next to it, that would be awesome!

This is a great idea and we can have tournaments and shit like that we could organise. I guess quite a few people could work together to build it and I would be happy to help if anyone else wants to build it with me :slight_smile:

Well, progress has been made already! @FurtenFur and I have started work already!
Pics of progress so far:

Oh! Good idea guys! xQT, good progress on your building! It will be fantastic have some Spleef games!

So there will be a game where the floor is barriers so its very tricky.

I think this is a great idea and I am willing to help when my laptop is back up and running again! =D

A photo 1 day after

great work @FurtenFur ! Sorry I wasnt online today, gotta party u know :wink:

lol yeah @xQT we just played a game of pokaSpleef
Imgur Our game
The DimmaDome

We made trophy cases where players custom shirts go and there shovels/weapon but only if they win a 1V1 against me . :slight_smile:

The xQT 1v1 Arena has been implemented into the dome! Due to some size differences both the Arena and the Dome have suffered a lil’ bit, but overall, it looks really good, if I can say so myself! Here are some screenies!

looking good so far.

We got 2 warp approvals already, looking good! Thanks @EstevaoBuilder and @maddygabby :smiley:
Waiting for a SOP+ to make it official!

Approved. warp is /warp spleef

Awwh yeah! Thanks you all so much, and have a good one! May the shovels be ever in your favor :wink:

Thanks Mannriah :slight_smile:

From the few games I’ve played I have a feeling this is gonna become very popular very quickly :wink:

Too bad Ive shrekt you dear Heilwel :wink: :wink:
JK, I hope to play many many more players here, so come see me, if you dare!