Another Server?

What is this Heresy?


People’s lack of originality fail to amaze me sometimes. I attempted to contact them requesting a name change only to find that they disabled message sending…

If any of you happen to see the admin online, please politely request them to change their server name - as we already have a fairly large community based around this one.

Aye,Aye Captain. I joined the server and was a bout to ask them about their name but the server crashed and did not come back up.

Also someone did a video tour of bigcity and hopes to upload a series about cities in minecraft on machinima realm. This may cause some confusion to some people trying to find our server.

so fireknife the sever that you joined was the same as Projectcitybuild 24/7?

Only the Name is the same.


Does this mean we are famous enough to be copied?

I believe it does. I was never any good at taking copying as a compliment though >:(

how can they this is our server name!!! and that server isnt the only!!! i think i seen 4 of the same!!! :o >:( thats sick
and one is a shame! when i loggd in on it(i thought it whas this server) i got SOP!! real shame!!! >:(

Another one called Project City Build [24/7] 2.0

This is getting really out of hand

Thats hard24gets server that he is trying to make, although he is having problems with port forwarding and some server settings, so it isnt used at the moment, i tryed to help but my knowledge is limited on port forwarding, when i did mine it was luck and trial and error XD

Notch should make all server names copyrighted. It’s the same in our server…

Oh god! ::slight_smile: So our own people are the ones responsible for the heresy!

He really needs to change his server name. The way he made it seems like he made an “improved” server. If he is already going to that length, why doesn’t he become the host for the real thing?

We still want someone with Windows (and a decent PC) to host the server.

There’s some things they can’t copy…

The Server Content, which is beautiful, and amazing. We have one of the best city in minecraft, and I’m proud to be part of it.

The Server Forums, which is made by Andy. Obviously, this is even harder to copy than the City itself, because it is made by a GENIUS :smiley:

The Server Staff, which are dedicated to make our server work well, and to serve the never-ending players of minecraft. :smiley:

Still, it’s kinda annoying that they copy the name. But, think about it, why did they copy it? Obviously because our server’s GREAT.

Just to let you guys know… the [Ger]man projekt city build -b server has been up for months…

not copied >:(

Depends how long “months” is. We’ve been around for quite a while too.

well there is a way for people not to use our name but there is so much red tape with the solution and i asked one of my uncles at Vizzone Ruggero & Associates Lawyers law firm about it he said that the only way is to beat them is to advertise our server on youtube or some thing beside using the law to beat them.

We make PCB public on YouTube and we Kill the competition

I don’t believe there is anything we can do about it aside from serious legal action. I don’t even think it is worth it. The only time it bugs be is when they have the same exact name and then add a version 2.0 or the like. It looks official and “improved” over ours. The German one can stay since it represents foreign interest. They may not speak english and thus, would simply flood us with spam. I don’t mean for this to be “separate but equal”, but to just let them have their fun.