Another reason you won't see me as much...

So now on top of school and rugby and general life, I also have a job. It’s at a fish and chip shop so all you UK players will know it gets busy and they often need people to fill in. This can happen any time which means even less time for minecrafts :frowning:

Having said that, I’m really enjoying it :slight_smile:

Important question…
Do you have a discount?

If not, WHY?!

^ this cause i would come to England for some legit Fish and Chips

Had tons of Fish and Chips in England, because England.

I am probably going to be getting a job at the school, so on top of swim, and school I will be dead

dead sip will be dead XD
Sip, imagine throwing a girlfriend on top of that= my life. and im still on MC maor that all of you lol

Well I get free stuff at the end of my shift, but I haven’t tried at any other time yet.

What kind of fish do you guys usually sell? Here in aus when we have fish and chips its actually Flake which is gummy shark. mmm yum.

I hope you can find some free time to do something ouhai, not much fun never gaming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, i ended up going through a fake relationship that EVERYBODY believed. We did it just to tick someone off… it worked really good. :slight_smile: So yeah, after just one walk with us holding hands, EVERYBODY suddenly thought we were dating. :stuck_out_tongue: Then the next day we kinda acted a bit more close and i don’t think anybody’s gona think it was fake. XD The guy was totally pissed, he ended up spitting his gum on me. After school we almost got him to fight, but then someone decided to talk him out of it and me into a talk with him. -_- Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, i plan on getting a job soon too, and i’m doing a few clubs for school too. Not gona have much free time. However the job i wana get is going to be with the girl i’m actually crushing on, and it deals with kids, so that’s a good way to show her that i’m an awesome guy. :smiley:

Yeah, between a ton of advanced classes, a musical, cross country, band, and everything else…it’s gonna be a fun school year with only weekends for Minecraft!

I barely have weekends. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly cod and haddock but we sell plaice, scampi and rock too.

Donne moi le halibut :>

I am quite busy now college and band is very tiring, I have college 4 days a week which isn’t much but when you have band afterwards it is tiring, on mondays and thursdays I am out from 8am to 10pm and its taken all my energy, this is even without a job…