Another new plugin?!?

[size=14pt]We were thinking yesterday about finding a plugin that you can make banners with instead of making them in a crafting table. I have found one that lets you make letters and patterns easily. I thought that it would be good for people that want to decorate their cities or homes with some cool banners to make them more interesting. Instead of us putting lots of time into making banners of every colour combination that is possible on minecraft, I thought we could have this plugin that does it for you! [size=8pt]Because I’m lazy!

[size=14pt]THE LINK IS HERE:

(there are videos and photos on the website if you want to look at them!)

I hope you add this as it will make lots of peoples lives easier!! XD

I really don’t think that is needed tbf, google is here for a reason. Just look them up and copy it!

I would have to agree with thejoshua79


same with josh on this one

I second this,
Banners would help make cities nicer and if we have a plugin then we can focus on building, not derping with banners.

Yes, making banners easier would help make cities nicer, just like Prymont in the good old over-1000 banner days… ahh, the memories of no-one wanting to visit for fear of their computer crashing.

This plugin makes a thing we can already do slightly easier, encouraging more of it, causing more lag. And who doesn’t love lag?

Make Minecraft laggy again!

I think it’s kind of un necessary.

How about

It has a similar concept to that picture plugin that didn’t work out well but should be much more efficient because images can be turned into holograms using minecraft blocks.

It looks cool, however it would appear that anyone can edit any hologram, from anywhere.

If there were a way to put locks on them, then it would be a good plugin to have.

This isn’t really what I was talking about; this is a hologram maker thing but I wanted a banner maker that lets you make banners with all the different colour combinations in every single design possible! I have started to make banners for the banner bank we are making and it has taken about 3 hours to make 4 or 5 alphabets with different colour combinations! I still have loads more to do and this plugin will make it a lot easier. I don’t mind if this is only a thing that is put onto the server for a short amount of time, but if I have to make each banner by crafting it, it will probably take days or even months to complete the banner bank!

Where is this banner bank? I’d be happy to help you guys.

This new plugin won’t help you that much anyway, because by the looks of it, it doesn’t have pre-made letters, so there’ll still be pretty much the same process involved, just with less memorisation.

Next time you are on, ask Vex or me to tp you to the banner bank and ask Vex or me to give you thae password for the chests.

It is much easier to use the plugin than to get all of the things you need to then craft the banners one at a time, then you get it wrong, so you have to start again, then you start another letter and it carries on! I had to restart some of the letters at least 7 times yesterday and I was getting a bit annoyed!