Another Guitar Cover

One of my favourite band released a song from their upcoming album early, and they were asking for guitar covers to be done. I hope they like spam, because there will be a lot heading their way. I’m extremely pleased that I managed to pull off the second solo, one of the best/most complicated sounding ones I’ve attempted I think.

Because I am lazy, I will just copy and paste the description from the video:

Trivium - Brave This Storm - Guitar Cover

Youtube seems to have screwed the audio up a bit and made it quieter... Ah well.

So, I noticed a post from Matt Heafy asking people to send in guitar covers of the new song. This worked well as I was planning to do this anyway so, sure! Why not?

Shame my webcam is such awful quality, but it’s the audio that matters, right? And I forgot to record it in wide… oops.

First solo wasn’t even attempted, but I had a go at the second and it turned out okay. Messed it up the first time round, but I dubbed over new audio and video of an improved attempt.

Only other problem I have with it is the guitar tone, I can’t get it sounding good with my current set-up, but that’s probably me being inept.

Constructive criticism is welcome!

Set-up details:
Guitar: Epiphone G400 SG
Amp: Line 6 Spider III
Recording Interface: Line 6 POD GX
Software used:
Windows Live Move Maker (I know, I know, but it’s all I have damn it!)
Line 6 POD Farm
iTunes (hurr durr.)

DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only, with the audio used within the terms of the fair use policy.

BOO YEA, Now thats what im talking about <3

NOICE! well done Liam :smiley: me like :smiley:

Thanks, I haven’t done any recorded stuff for ages, cba most of the time. I feel under pressure when recording and mess up more than when I play casually. That’s why the solo was off the first time. When playing it normally, I can do it much better, hah. Not even going to try the first one…

Double post, but bumping this slightly:

No constructive criticism from anyone? No? Advice on how to improve the guitar tone even? Cmonn, I know a few of you are musicians, even if you don’t like this music…

Hard, Ital, I’m looking at you.