Another BigCity Build Contest o.O

I’m sure most of you know the drill by now, but for those who don’t…

[size=2.65em]BigCity Big Build

It’s back!
BigCity needs more buildings… Again…
So we need your help!


  1. Minimum lot size is 20x20 and maximum is 230x230
  2. The theme is, as always, a modern city. This does NOT mean exclusively skyscrapers. Other types of buildings and parks can be entered too.
  3. Build your lot in creative or BigCity.
  4. Build to the edge of your lot.
  5. All suitable builds will be copied over to BigCity.
  6. Because of this, you should NOT include footpaths around the edge of your build.
  7. Group builds are allowed, but there is no guarantee the same prizes will be made available to all members of a group.
  8. Entries are to be posted here including co-ordinates of the build, lot size and all names of participants.

Contest ends Saturday 22nd February at midnight GMT.


[size=1em]1st Place:
[size=1em]$5000 in game
[size=1em]5 spawn eggs
[size=1em]1st pick from Game Pool

[size=1em]2nd Place:
[size=1em]$2000 in game
[size=1em]5 spawn eggs
[size=1em]2nd pick from Game Pool

[size=1em]3rd Place:
[size=1em]$1000 in game
[size=1em]5 spawn eggs
[size=1em]3rd pick from Game Pool

[size=1em]All entries posted here will recieve $200 in game.

[size=1.45em]GAME POOL

[size=1em]Borderlands 2 (x2)
[size=1em]Rome: Total War
[size=1em]Left 4 Dead 2
[size=1em]Super Hexagon
ARMA II + Operation Arrowhead DLC + DayZ mod
[size=1em]All these games (non steam):
[size=1em]Possibly more to come. Watch this space!

[size=1em]All games not in the Pastebin link are available through Steam only.
[size=1em]Multiple copies are only available on games in the Pastebin link unless otherwise specified.

I guess there’s no better a time than now to reveal it.

Have at it :wink:

Edit: there’s no specific time for this event, but for future ones, if you’d like your city added to the sidebar let me know.

I’m in!

Btw, I never got my moneys for the last Big City contest and the spawn egg (if there was any to be won… can’t remember)

Andy, the event thing looks brilliant!

ooh! Shiny! I think the times should be swapped round so it reads D:H:M:S (and if the value = 0, don’t display it). And I’ll be taking part as well!

Just imagine I built the best building ever seen and give me the prize mmk?

Another one! Geez! I don’t think I’ll be entering, but I am sure there will be a lot of neat builds being entered!

Well - time to fix the events link on the nav bar.


Also done :slight_smile:

I am going to be doing this contest, ill build in creative! :slight_smile: good luck to everyone!

Im trying this… do you happen to know when its closed? I leave on Sat for a weeks vacation to Cuba. And Im hoping to have time to do this when I come back. Thanks

I’m in. I’ve got a title to defend.

Added end time Saturday 22nd February at midnight GMT.

Btw, lets set no world edit as a rule. Felt it was a bit unfair last time.

But… but… I like my W/E… I’ll world edit someones build if they ask.

I dunno, I still feel like we get an unfair advantage…

Opposed. W/E doesnt design the building. The the builders do. If any staff is on I’m sure they would be happy to assist anyone who doesnt have W/E including myself. Last comp I did offer my assistance to you but you declined if I remember correctly.

Silly nam, forgot about the //compwinningbuilding and the //doitforme commands…

Fair enough I guess…

I have one question… My entry was in old creative… WTH HAPPENED TO OLD CREATIVE!!! If you remember it was the Space Needle… It took me one full day to finish that… :frowning:

Old creative should be back online after the next restart. I don’t know how to get there though… Andy?