anoob0599 - I cant remember the exact date [and i couldn\'t find it on the ban list]


Minecraft Username anoob0599

Date of Ban I cant remember the exact date [and i couldn’t find it on the ban list]
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Still don’t remember sorry =I

Reason for Ban Griefing glass and bns

Reason to be Unbanned At the time, when i found the server, i had just started mine craft so, i had no idea what griefing was [still don’t know bns] and i stole supplies from locations and broke things. I’m so sorry and i wish i could undo what i did. I thoughts it been atleast a close to a year banned if i’m not wrong [more or less in my mind]. I would give back and or put back everything i stole because i’ve been always wanting to get back on and my last excuse was no apology but a lie which Ive felt guilty on for a while now

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
6th of April, 2014

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06/04/2014 Banned by Ferrari

You had a chance to say something to get unbanned on your last appeal. You didn’t say anything.

Why more interest now?

You were banned 4 months ago…not even close to a year. You greifed Buy 'n Sell (BnS) my store. And you stole my item frames along with other shops item frames. I’m surprised you even remember this server since you were on for less than a week…

Was the issue not (and might still be) That they cant reply due to perms of the site being funky?

You’ve got a point there.
I still remember when this ban happened since my shop was one of the shops affected. Honestly, at this point, I would unban. I mean clearly an effort was put into that ban appeal, and it did happen a while ago. If grief occurs again, it’s another ban. Simple as that. I mean, it’s not like we’re not good at getting shit done, amirite?

Now, now, wait. I understand now. People are making appeals with Guest accounts, not their own, and since they fail to bother to log in to respond, they cannot. The forums are working just fine, I’m sure.

I say, since there hasn’t been a response, just lock it? If they truly wanted to be unbanned, they could sign in and respond like a member should in this case.

Just looked at their last appeal. They just copied/pasted the same appeal again. And, the last appeal was a mess. Not going to unban.