Announcement: Valandian Embassy opened in Farcoast

At 19:15 British Time the Valandian embassy to farcoast was opened infront of a huge crowd of 2 people (one of them was me). Anybody requiring consular assistance should travel to the coordinates: x 4347 y 63 z 1048.


And now starts 80 years of diplomatic arguments and insult-slinging.

Ahaha, it would be funny to make Valandia a communist nation. :smiley:
That could be good fun!

yeah il shal right start with the song whu!

“i can see a light of fire, i can see it from farcoast, its valandia litt in fire, its valandia is lighted by fire, children playing with fire because valandia is on fiiiiiiiiireeee” -componist chris XD

burn baby burn valandia stands on fire
burn baby burn!


Wait… wuuuuuut?!

So basically Valandia is on fire and children are playing there? I’m lost.


Before we are derailed further, I will leave you with this:


Valandia Embassy is best Embassy.