Announcement for my activity

To put a long story short, I’ve been using the computer my dad received for his job to play Minecraft. Since he’s leaving his job (he didn’t get fired, dw XD), I can’t be on the server for around a week or so starting Thursday (tomorrow). However, at the end of the school year (June 6th), I’m getting my own laptop that is able to play the game quite nicely.

However, it doesn’t stop there…

I’m leaving the US for the majority of the summer, kinda like @PrinceMark, so even after I get my computer, I’ll still be a bit less active than I normally would.

tl;dr below

Don’t count on seeing me in mid-late June or late-July to early-August. But at least I’ll be getting a new computer! I’ll be checking the website religiously, so if anyone needs me, feel free to contact me via PMs, or via E-mail (the link is on my profile here to the left)

See you guys soon!