Announcement: Big City has a new name!

After a several year long discussion, investigation and deliberation; myself, as well as @Mannriah @Ouhai_Ruby @MrFerf and @Andy have finally decided upon a new name for Big City. Right on time for our tenth anniversary celebrations; we’re ready to publically announce the name that has been chosen is -


Like the iconic caterpillar and butterfly duo :bug::butterfly:, Big City had undergone and in many ways is still undergoing a beautiful metamorphosis. As we continue to build upon new ideas and techniques, Big City changes with time, so we feel that Monarch is a fitting name for our premiere city.

Monarch can also refer to royals, and what city would be better suited to a royal name than our Big City. :crown::city_sunset::bridge_at_night::bridge_at_night:

We wanted a name that was concise, was simple but still highlighted the ever changing and adapting nature of our city and our server. The identity of Big City will live on through Monarch, and I hope you’ll join us in continuing to expand and develop the city as it grows.


Project Monarch, love it!


Fly high, Monarch! :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


Stan Monarch for clear skin :butterfly: :bug:


Monarch rules!:butterfly::bug:

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monarch(y) is now on server …

Monarch fits perfeclty! Happy anniversary, PCB!

Yay to Monarch :smiley: