Annopolis, Williamsport and the Territorial Isles of Annopol.

Long name huh? Well, those are two different cities and their territories. As of right now, Daqwid2727poland and I, Jmvvana have been working on the main tower in Annopolis, and we want our city known throughout the server. We need people to help us make a new era of our server. Annopolis, located near the northern border of the server, is going to be big, and modern. Williamsport is an island near Annopolis. Williamsport will function as the Port City, and we are hoping to have both cities host their own warp. The Territorial Isles are simply islands near the mainland, but not quite on it. We also consider Embassies, and other land owned by Annopolis one of our Isles. However, the isles wont be getting warps. Annopolis is scheduled to beat out the entire Acra/Empire/Stampy area of our wonderful server, but we need your help. If you go on the creative map, Scroll up until you find what looks like an enormous ā€œ+ā€. That is the main tower of Annopolis (Its HUGE!). Now look down to the ocean. We own that entire peninsula and the islands and north of that to the border. We plan to use almost every bit of land, but again we need your help to make a wonderful city. Thank you so much for reading this exciting (sarcasm) post! I hope to see ./mail jmvvana crap in my inbox. Thank you again! -Jmvvana and Daqwid2727poland

This sounds cool I will have to check it out next time I am on.

Good luck :wink:

Lol amphi. I said that as a joke, but now Iā€™m getting competitive :slight_smile: Its coming along slowly though. It probably wont beat that whole area XD -Jm (Elton might)

Ik, I said mine as a joke too ;D