“Hello there my name is Godsjedi12315 or otherwise known as The_Christian_Jedi”
For those of you that know me, you know that I say that whenever I meet someone new. I hope I get the chance to meet some more wonderful people and use the same greeting.

Yesterday was my 1 year and 4 month anniversary of my time on PCB. I apologize for not doing it on my 1 year. I have had such a great time here on PCB I dont know what my life whould be like if I never joined PCB. To think that the coarse of the next year and who knows how long, would be decided when I hit that log in button :stuck_out_tongue: Man am I happy I did though! I have made some pretty awesome people here, along with losing a lot of time ::slight_smile:

As many of you know by my name GODSjedi and nickname “The_CHRISTIAN_Jedi.” I am a Christian and I will always defend my faith. Over the past year I have learned that yelling at people is the wrong way to lead them to Christ (I apolgize to those that where their during that time of my life) I do want you to know what I believe in though so for those of you that are curios hover over that spoiler section.

[details=“Spoiler”]My religion is Baptist
What Baptists believe in is that Gods sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

In the begging God created the earth and heaven and all that dwell in it. He also created man in his likeness, the first man and woman’s names where, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve where tricked into eating of a fruit that God said if they ate it they whould surely die.

Genesis 2:17 "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

After they ate that fruit sin had entered the world and brought thorns, sickness, diseases, and the death that god told them whould come. God is a just God and wants no sin in heaven so he banishes all sinners who have died to the lake of fire or otherwise know as “Hell” this is a place of eternal torment where sinners dwell and burn eternally. God did not leave the world without hope of escape from Hell. Instead he sent a way out which was had to be his perfect son. “Why did he send his son to die a horrible death?” Because God is a just God someone had to take our place and pay the price that we deserve.

Jesus lived a perfect life but was hated by those around him, he preformed several miracles. As predicted by the old testament Jesus had to die on Calvary. Jesus was perfect and committed no crime yet he was taken to court in the middle of the night and they attempted to find wrong doing so they could kill him. Later on he was taken away and tortured by soldiers, they spit on him and mocked him, striped him of his clothes and put a crown of thorns upon his head and mocked “Hail king of the Jews!” they whipped him with a cat of nine tails

The next morning he was forced to carry a large wooden cross up a hill where he would be hanged to die. As he hanged there a criminal asked for forgiveness and Jesus promised him a home in heaven. He then cried and breathed his last. But the Jesus had told his disciples that on the 3rd day of his death he would rise again! On the 3rd day of his death Jesus’s body was not found in the tomb where they had laid him. “What if someone stole his body?” There where around 4 armed guards protecting his tomb along with a huge stone blocking the entry way. So just as he said he had risen from the grave. He has defeated even death itself. He went to his disciples and showed them the holes of the nails where he was nailed to the cross. The Bible says that if we believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and ask him to come into our hearts then we too can have eternal life in heaven just like the criminal.

Today is Easter, for me that does not mean Easter Bunny and things like that. For me it is a reminder of Christs coming on the earth and rising again on the 3rd day of his burial. This gives me hope for without it my salvation could not exist.

While I am on this subject I want to address the old rumors of me telling people to go to hell. First of no I did not say that to anybody as I would not wish hell upon my worst enemy. Since Christ is in my heart and I believe he died on the cross for me, I have a place in heaven waiting for me. So why would I stay on earth why not just commit suicide I have a better place waiting for me. Well aside from leaving family and friends, I believe that God would want me tell others of his saving grace as I said earlier I would not wish hell on my worst enemy I want everyone to join my in heaven It makes my cry when I hear of people dying with out believing in Jesus’s death. Therefor I want to lead as many people to Christ as I can before I die,so saying I want someone to go to hell would completely go against my beliefs.

Me and my friend Sly_Dragoner are working on creating a Bible study group for PCB (stay tuned as we search for materiel to use)

If you have any questions about becoming a Christian or what we believe than ask me or Sly_Drgoner via Teamspeak In-game or skype [/details]

My accomplishments:

Creating a popular restaurant: Farm Fresh Diner with 5 locations in the old map and 3 in the current.

Creating 2 towns Arbor giant tree town in the old map with 10 residents. In the current map I won a town called truffle with about 8 residents.

Mayor of the hugely successful town Empire in creative ( I own no rights to the foundation of Empire I was elected Mayor. The creator is Maxy3)

Future plans:

Apply for staff

Build a new town in survival with a Italian theme

Build more Farm Fresh Dinners

Shout out time!

I want to thank first of @koalamama for being there when I was super sheltered and unacknowledged of the world. Also for being a super great friend I always feel safe talking to. Admins for owning the server for if it where not for you then I could have never met all you amazing people. FTB people for helping me through being a moron to understanding the crazy world of FTB. @Sly_Dragoner for helping me defend my beliefs and holding me to Christian standards, also for being like a the big brother I never had. @Ouhai_Ruby for being a super amazing SOP and a super cool guy to talk 2. @Christina_G for being a super epic neighbor in the old map. To @Natepot and @AGx for being really good room mates in FTB To my Farm Fresh Diner customers. To all of those still reading this post.

Thank you for all of the amazing moments every one! oh goodness tearing up thinking of all the good times I have had on here :’)

Also 300th post!

Aww, Happy Anniversary! I’m almost at my one year too!

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