Anniversary 3: Electric boogaloo 2

Uh oh it’s that time of year again, apparently this is a tradition for me now.
So 3 years ago now my friend told me about this building community - Build moved to a new place that would become Oreville - Doge stuff -trusted - new map, and now we’re here.

Now for the fun part of this post, what did I dot this year?

I have abandoned a few projects, like:

  • Waterslide world (again)
  • Jasper Inc. (again)
  • SCP site something
  • 2 survival bases in the new map

:crab:I am no longer being called “Vera”:crab:

I’m actually making that Dutch town I promised to make last year.

I didn’t become a sla- builder for Solem

A new nick I guess: JasperTheJapser

I got better at building, maybe?

That’s all folks, let’s hope this year will be even better!
(Also can I have 3 year star thing thanks)

congrats on 3 years, cheers to many more!