Anime recommendations

I got asked in a PM what anime’s I would recommend. This is hard to answer because it depends on the person.

Anime comes in so many types, ya know?

I liked Gundam Seed myself, but SO MANY people say it is one of the worst Gundams ever. Code Geass is one I would suggest for anyone. Cowboy Bebop too.

Some ideas:
Artistic magical girl anime/not what you would expect? Puella magi madoka magica

Bro/Sis otaku love comedy? Ore no imouto (I can’t believe my little sister is this cute)

Perverted but awesome WW2 twist? Strike Witches

Zombie survival with sexy girls? HOTS High school of the Dead

Romeo and Juliet type story? Toradora

Halloween themed shonen fighting? Soul Eater (people can change into weapons)

Break dancing/hip hop Samurai? Samurai Champloo

End of the world love story? Saikano - The last love song on this little planet (you will cry)

Internet Mind Fuck? Serial Experiments Lain

Future cyberpunk Cops and politics? Ghost in the Shell (any of them)

Random comedic violence? Dokuro-chan (The beat you to death angel)

Artistic, thoughtful, beautiful, life contemplation? Kino’s Journey (one of my favorites) and Haibane Renmei.

Final note: ALL anime’s are almost universally better in Japanese with subtitles except for Cowboy Bebop and maybe a few others. (Escaflowne?)

i would have to agree with most choices here. however, to me Gundam and Code Geass… lack flavor…

if it was ME (mainly cause im such a hardcore follower of this series) and i wanted to watch a giant mechanized weapon anime, it would be Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Looking for a naked chick killing people in an ‘unknown’ way? watch Elfen Lied!

How about a Romance between a Vampire and a Human? Rosario+Vampire would be your thing then.

How about an Anime about the End of the World, but its a story about people trying to do better for themselves, redeem old atrocities, and understand life better? Watch Wolf’s Rain

and that would be some extra ones i would reccomend. hope you dont mind me placing this in here Kyle =D

Just this:

Death Note is the only Anime I’ve watched, although I have a feeling that those who watch more Anime, such as Kyle and Shad may feel its overrated. I can’t say it is (as I said, its the only one I’ve seen), but it seems like one of the ones that might be.


I also think the story was much better towards the start of it, with the back and forth between Light and L. Once L died it seemed a bit more boring to me. Still good though!

I don’t know why, but I seem to enjoy films/TV series which are fairly dark quite a lot. My favourite Star Wars prequel was Episode III, where order 66 is issued and pretty much everyone gets killed. Corruption makes things more interesting it seems :P. I like good thriller type things, the TV series 24 is a good example of my kind of stuff. I appear to have gone on quite a ramble there.

See, i read the manga to Death Note from start to finish, and loved it, i just COULD NOT watch the anime. dont know why… just couldn’t ever get into it.

Full Metal Alchemist, as ‘overrated’ as it is, is still to this day something ill rewatch when i feel like it. its still an amazing anime regardless of how many people have watched it.


i just happend to think about this. I KNOW THIS SHOW IS NOT AN ANIME BUT

the television show that premiered back in…
(i think? god its been a long time XD)

Anyhoo. the show Moral Orel, if your looking for an AMAZING satire of 1950’s Baptist community, this would be the show to watch. i WILL say the show is VERY fucked up (for lack of a better word) and will REALLY make you question a lot of religious nuts you may know, but the show is VERY good. i would highly reccomend it to just about anyone i know. im actually trying to find a soundtrack atm cause its full of artist almost know ones heard of (IE, The Mountain Goats) I think the reason i like it so much is i could actually see some of the shit that happens in the family/community of the show actually happening…
#End Rant

Well I happen to see that no one mentioned “Gurren Lagann” so i’m just going to mention it and leave.


Evangelion is pretty awesome. I was a big fan for a long time. It has been a long time since I watched but I still love the movies. I have only seen some of the “Rebuild” series but I hear it is good. I don’t know much about that new pilot they added.

Gurren Lagann is truely a great one. Did you know Auska, Rei, and Nono, Lal’C Mellk Mal (from Diebuster) make an appearance? As bunny girls no less. 1:50 in the video.
Spoilers ahead.
Spin on, Simon (Anime Expo 09 Finalist)

Elfin Lied was a mixed bag for me. I loved everything about the characters and their power etc, but I hated all the “love comedy” parts. Any scene where they were trying to live at home was a struggle to sit through. Not sure if that made sense.

Wolf’s Rain was good as well. Good story, characters, art, but I think it was a disappointing end. The “bad guy” kinda seemed lame later on.

I loved Death Note. I saw it and Code Geass about the same time and they felt similar. The “Just as planned” meme was born for both of them. Agree about L.

Sword Art Online and Blue Exorcist are two anime’s I would reccomend. But If you want to cry, then watch Angel beats or Clannad. If you still havent seen Sword Art Online, what are you doing with your life!?

the light novel of Sword Art Online is Wayyyyy better then the anime.

I’d say Gundam 00 is a must watch for all.

Kotoura san is also a really good anime to watch :wink:

I mean they kidna swapped bad guys, and [details=“Spoiler”] that final fight between Darcia and Kiba and co. was badass. Quint at the end wasnt really a badguy, just someone trying to survive all the shit that was starting to fall, and in the end, i feel he really redeemed himself by staying with Toboe and dying there[/details]