Anima's Sketches :D

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Not sure why, but this style reminds me of Avatar (the last airbender), and I don’t even watch that show. Very cool to see non-standard poses. Thanks for showing!

Thanks kyle! I’ve been trying to draw more dynamic poses, since my usual poses are pretty boring XP

actually that does look like Avatar… neat-o.

Really is well done Ani.

I’ve never thought about my style being similar to avatar XP

bumps to main page

I have to say, im about to start doing some Cos fairly soon… but i suck at drawing, if you would like to help me out Ani.

It will be fairly specific, but nothing you can’t do.

ooh welcome to the club :smiley: your title made me lol xD

i like, im not so good with male anatomy and i feel your fingers are superior to mine :3 hope to see more soon :smiley: