Anima would like world edit permission.

Hii, I only build in BigCity because I have access to world edit there, but I would like to make another map in mapbank and I need world edit to do so.

Just speaking honestly and not trying to be rude or complaining so don’t take this the wrong way but I have been here for around 9 years (MC Classic 2011 and Paid MC 2012 ) I don’t know why I can’t use world edit in Creative or MapBank but I can in BigCity. My rank doesn’t determine my capability of building with world edit or how deserving of it I am. I only build with world edit unless I’m in survival of course. I come on PCB to build large scale things and I’m not going to waste my time placing large areas by hand so that’s why I am only building where I have access to the tools to allow me to build how I want to.

Since mapbank is it’s own map on the server it should be fine for me to have access to it there, right? I made maps there in the past when I had world edit. I really don’t like asking for help with my builds so I really hate asking other people to do world edit commands for me that I’m capable of doing myself.

I have many years of experience building with World Edit so I won’t mess anything up with it. If you’ve seen any of my BigCity builds it’s clear I know how to use it, but I heard there is some test I need to take to gain access to world edit or something (I never took that and learned on my own and used it for many years on the server) I predict somebody will be mad at me for making this post and I’m sorry I don’t want to upset anyone. I just want to build. I had to stop building my city in creative because I don’t have world edit access anymore. I only started building that because I finally had the tools to do so.

Here is the application form

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Thanks! (edit) It says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

There is a stark difference between need and want. Similarly, there’s a stark difference between asking for something and demanding and this post leans a lot towards the demanding side. I don’t care how long someone has been here, how old they are etc.

I think we could consider giving w/e access to Trusted and above in Map Bank, but I’ll have to discuss it with staff and get back to you.

We have restrictions in place on w/e use in Creative because we know from experience that not everyone can be trusted with it and some players are notorious for crashing the server and ruining other people’s experience. We’re currently reassessing how we give w/e access to non-staff members in creative and if we implement changes we will make an announcement. Until that time, there will be no exceptions to the rules.

It’s true plenty of staff members have crashed / caused lag on the server because of world edit. I’ve done that a few times (on accident) as I’m sure you have as well. It’s not always clear how large a selection is too large. It doesn’t tell you when your selection will cause problems. But yeah I definitely know now what is too large of a selection from my Lowe’s building crashing when I did the roof. Also when I flattened land expanding the edge of BC once it crashed but nobody was on. Nobody’s perfect but it was always a genuine mistake I’m always trying to avoid.

I rely on world edit for my builds, for me it is something I need. If you think I don’t then that’s what you think. I’m just being honest. I’m sure you understand exactly where I’m coming from and what I mean, as a builder saying I need it for my builds. Of course I could spend hours placing blocks individually but that’s not how my creative process works in Minecraft. I know myself and trust myself. Because of how long I’ve been here I thought others would feel the same, I guess I was wrong.

This always causes a negative reaction when I ask so I’m not sure how the correct way to ask for this is. I didn’t know who exactly to ask that’s why I just made a post explaining my predicament. Sorry if you read this as demanding I’m never trying to be rude! I don’t know how else to ask for world edit because people get annoyed.

I don’t think that what you’ve said that others don’t feel the same as you is correct. In fact, I think a lot of people empathise with you. It’s not that you’ve been here a long time either, it’s because you’re a great builder and I definitely understand that worldedit can expedite and enhance the building process.

I think the negative reaction is primarily due to the tone of your post. I know it’s text, not spoken words so not all contextual meaning and tone will be conveyed adequately but you should just be mindful of the way your words sound. It’s best to ask or make a proposition about a topic rather thank just straight up saying “I need X”; it just comes across the wrong way.

Anyway, to answer your question(?) - We are looking at giving more people access to world Edit in a larger variety of worlds.

Watch this space.